[webkit-dev] ResourceHandle and the Frame parameter

Christopher Brichford chrisb at adobe.com
Tue Jun 12 14:29:15 PDT 2007

It is important for the ResourceHandle in the apollo port to have  
access to WebView state.  We can live with a pointer to the Frame,  
FrameLoader, Page, or any other object that allows us to walk back to  
our WebView.  We could add a factory method on FrameLoaderClient to  
construct ResourceHandle's.  ResourceHandle could become a pure  
virtual interface, which would eliminate the need for the #if's in  
the header and would allow clients to associate as much per frame  
state with a ResourceHandle as they wanted.

Chris Brichford
Adobe Systems Inc.

On Jun 12, 2007, at 1:04 PM, Morgan L wrote:

> Congrats on the windows launch! :-)
> Now, on to my question...
> There is a comment in ResourceHandle.h about the Frame
> parameter to ResourceHandle's static create function.
> The comment suggests that the Frame parameter might be
> removed in the future or that it at least shouldn't be
> there.
> I wanted to make the case for keeping it (or something
> equivalent) there.  In many cases, it is very useful
> to have context about what frame (document) is
> requesting a resource.  This can be handy for simple
> things like logging, but it can also be useful for
> other things, like UI (e.g., security UI), that might
> be associated with a resource load.  It may be the
> case that Safari can do without such context now or
> perhaps in the future, but for other consumers of
> webkit, it'd be great if this parameter could remain.
> If Frame is the wrong object (for some reason), then
> it could be some other object type so long as the
> Frame could be derived from it.
> Along these lines, I would also really like to add a
> Frame pointer to the ResourceHandle's
> loadResourceSynchronously method.  This is important
> to my application and makes sense from the
> point-of-view of symmetry with ResourceHandle::create.
> Does this sound reasonable?  If so, then I will
> prepare a patch and attach it to a bug.
> Thanks!
> --morgan
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