[webkit-dev] ResourceHandle and the Frame parameter

Morgan L morganl.webkit at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 12 13:04:12 PDT 2007

Congrats on the windows launch! :-)

Now, on to my question...

There is a comment in ResourceHandle.h about the Frame
parameter to ResourceHandle's static create function. 
The comment suggests that the Frame parameter might be
removed in the future or that it at least shouldn't be
I wanted to make the case for keeping it (or something
equivalent) there.  In many cases, it is very useful
to have context about what frame (document) is
requesting a resource.  This can be handy for simple
things like logging, but it can also be useful for
other things, like UI (e.g., security UI), that might
be associated with a resource load.  It may be the
case that Safari can do without such context now or
perhaps in the future, but for other consumers of
webkit, it'd be great if this parameter could remain. 
If Frame is the wrong object (for some reason), then
it could be some other object type so long as the
Frame could be derived from it.

Along these lines, I would also really like to add a
Frame pointer to the ResourceHandle's
loadResourceSynchronously method.  This is important
to my application and makes sense from the
point-of-view of symmetry with ResourceHandle::create.

Does this sound reasonable?  If so, then I will
prepare a patch and attach it to a bug.



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