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Rob Buis rwlbuis at gmail.com
Sat Jul 28 01:05:11 PDT 2007

Yes, we had multiple xml parsing backends and were pleased with it at the
The KDOM code is here:


The relevant code is in backends/ and parser/.
You can request a parser using KDOMParserFactory depending on the
requirements (qdom couldnt handle all options). Every parser has access to
the same DocumentBuilder to build the Document, the builder basically builds
using the normal SAX2 calls. The builder keeps track of the node stack too
while the doc is built. The backends just call these methods and do not need
to keep track of the document. Both sync and async are supported, at least
for libxml2. IIRC it was partly inspired by DocumentBuilder being in DOM3
(LS?) spec. The parameter setting parts are KDE specific and the
architecture may be too complex (I think the parsers are dynamically loaded)
so I don't know if it fits, but hopefully it can be a reference.


On 28/07/07, David Hyatt <hyatt at apple.com> wrote:
> Didn't KDOM have an XML parsing abstraction?  Would that be worth
> studying?
> dave
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