[webkit-dev] Question to the Adobe ApolloWebKit developers, tips and tricks to getting your "branch" to compile.

David D. Kilzer ddkilzer at kilzer.net
Fri Jul 27 15:24:38 PDT 2007

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Chris Brichford <chrisb at adobe.com> wrote:

> Some assembly is required. :).  First thing you will need to do is download
> some libraries our port depends on.
> When compiling on windows you will need:
> icu from http://www.icu-project.org/download/  (we are using version 3.4.1).
> Libxml from ftp://xmlsoft.org/libxml2/ 
> Libxslt from ftp://xmlsoft.org/libxslt/
> Loki from http://sourceforge.net/projects/loki-lib/ ( We'll probably remove
> this dependency in the future ).
> You will also need cygwin ( http://www.cygwin.com ) with at least the
> following packages and their dependencies:
> Bash
> Bison
> Cygutils
> Flex
> Gawk
> Gcc-G++
> Gperf
> Make
> Perl
> When compiling on mac you will just need:
> Loki from http://sourceforge.net/projects/loki-lib/ ( We'll probably remove
> this dependency in the future ).
> You will want to arrange the source tree as follows:
> someDirectory/A/B/WebCore/...
> someDirectory/A/B/JavaScriptCore/...
> someDirectory/A/B/WebKit/...
> someDirectory/SDK/libxml/...
> someDirectory/SDK/libxslt/...
> someDirectory/SDK/loki/...
> someDirectory/SDK/icu/source/...
> If you are compiling on windows, then you will want to create new sln file
> that references:
> someDirectory/A/B/WebCore/WebCore.apolloproj/win/WebCore.vc2005.vcproj
> someDirectory/A/B/WebKit/WebKit.apolloproj/win/WebKit.vc2005.vcproj
> On mac if you arrange the source tree as describe above there is a good
> chance things should just build.  The build output on both mac and windows
> will be in someDirectory/build/...
> That should get the project to compile.  To link you will have to build
> libxml, libxslt, and icu ( Loki does not need to be built because
> WebKit/apollo just some of its header files ) and change the project settings
> on WebKit's project file to link against the version you built.  You can
> either build static or dynamic libraries for libxml, libxslt, and icu.  We
> build those libraries as static libs.
> Hope this helps,
> Chris Brichford
> Adobe Systems Inc.
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> tricks to getting your "branch" to compile.
> First off, I know you guys don't claim your version of WebKit you are working
> with is a branch, I just used it for lack of a better term :P.
> Anyway, I have the latest P4 branch out of perforce.  What's your guy's tips
> and tricks to get it to compile right-out-of-the-box?  Is there a certain
> reversion I need to use (Sorry, not sure if you have those in perforce, I'm
> struggling trying to understand how P4 works)?
> I'm running into errors mainly in TemporaryLinkStubs.cpp.  Most of those from
> what I can read out of some compile logs, are allready implemented in other
> classes.  I'm not very proficent in C++ (Please forgive me, If I was, I'd
> love to help out).  Lastly, I do get a lot of unresolved external errors upon
> linking.  I don't know what all I need to do to get all of this working, so
> if an adobe dev could possiably help me out, that would be great.
> --Z

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