[webkit-dev] Javascript collector

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Wed Jul 25 13:19:42 PDT 2007

On Jul 25, 2007, at 1:02 PM, Patrick Hanna wrote:

> I am running into a segmentation fault in  
> Collector::collectOnMainThreadOnly on the line that reads:
> cellBlock(cell)->collectOnMainThreadOnly.set(cellOffset(cell));
> I believe that the reason is because the address passed in as  
> 'value' is the address of a stack variable.

OK. That doesn't make sense. A JSValue should either be an immediate  
value (which is not a pointer at all) or a JSCell. All JSCell objects  
are allocated by the collector. There should not be any JSCell on the  

> This address comes from PluginsFunc::callAsFunction. PluginBase is  
> created on the stack and the constructor for DOMObject calls  
> Collector::collectOnMainThreadOnly with 'this' as the parameter.

There is a serious bug in that function! It's illegal to allocate a  
JSObject except with the GC allocator. JavaScriptCore should really be  
changed so that it asserts this at runtime when such objects are  
created, or even better, prevents code from even compiling that does  

The fix for this particularly bug is simple. The refresh function from  
PluginBase needs to be changed into a static member function, and  
PluginsFunc::callAsFunction should not attempt to construct a  
PluginBase object -- it should just call PluginBase::refresh.

> My question is, should Collector::collectOnMainThreadOnly work with  
> stack pointers?

No, it should not.

     -- Darin

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