[webkit-dev] Purchasing an unlocked Webkit Cell Phone?

Christopher Allen ChristopherA at iPhoneWebDev.com
Mon Jul 9 11:44:18 PDT 2007

I'm seeking suggestions for the purchase of a webkit-enabled cell
phone, unlocked and usable in the US, that I can use for testing
various iPhone apps for compatibility. My primary intent is support of
iPhone, but having one would force me to try to at least offer some
compatibility. I also expect it may help me future-proof applications
as new platforms come out.

Ideally the phone would be one that is known for regular upgrades so
that more current webkit's can be installed, that I can get upgrades
without a cell phone plan in the US, and of course, if possible, wifi.

Any suggestions? I could also trade someone an iPhone activated with
only Wifi (i.e. no AT&T) with someone in Europe for an equivalently
priced phone.

-- Christopher Allen

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