[webkit-dev] contentWidth of a table row & rendering data

Mark Rowe bdash at webkit.org
Wed Jan 17 17:45:58 PST 2007

On 18/01/2007, at 11:10 AM, Stephen Deken wrote:

>> How are you specifying which framework to link against?
> I'm specifying my WebKitBuild/Release directory in my Framework  
> Search Paths, and I'm copying the frameworks into my app bundle's  
> Frameworks directory.  I'm also specifying @executable_path/../ 
> Frameworks so that the frameworks can be found at runtime.
> otool -L reports that I'm getting my handbuilt copies of WebCore,  
> JavaScriptGlue, and JavaScriptCore -- only WebKit is pointing to  
> the /System version.
> That suggests to me that it's a precedence issue, but moving my  
> WebKitBuild/Release path before the 10.4u.sdk path results in a  
> build error (unable to find class names for WebHTMLView, WebView,  
> etc).  So I'm sort of at a loss as to what the problem is.   
> Probably the same SDK issues you referred to.

You may want to have a look at how the Drosera project is  
configured.  It builds + links against tip of tree WebKit, and it's  
revision history should give a bit of info about what was required to  
make that work.


Mark Rowe

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