[webkit-dev] Accessing back/forward history

Oscar Cwajbaum public at oscarc.net
Thu Feb 22 02:06:54 PST 2007


In my client code I need to get the length of the back and forward 
histories, and the page title for any given entry in the back/forward 

When I started implementing this, I found that FrameLoader has the 
getHistoryLength method for getting the length of the back history, but 
no equivalent method for getting the length of the forward history. 
Also, I found the FrameLoader method historyURL, which gets the URL for 
an entry in the back/forward history, but no equivalent method for page 

I can see three ways of implementing this:

1. Add getForwardHistoryLength and historyTitle FrameLoader methods, and 
submit them as a patch.

2. Add a historyTitle FrameLoader method, overload (or modify) the 
getHistoryLength method to take a direction parameter, and submit this 
as a patch.

3. Bypass the FrameLoader methods, and use page()->backForwardList() to 
access the back/forward list directly.

What's the recommended way of implementing this?

Oscar Cwajbaum

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