[webkit-dev] SVG Stabilization

Geoffrey Garen ggaren at apple.com
Wed Feb 21 14:20:20 PST 2007


More testing would be great!

Our existing tests are in LayoutTests/svg/. They include the W3C  
tests, version 1.1. You can run our tests with the run-webkit-tests  
script, passing it --pixel to generate pixel results. I don't think  
pixel tests work very well for SVG right now, so you probably just  
want to verify your results in the browser. More information is, of  
course, available at webkit.org and on #webkit on the  
irc.freenode.net IRC server.

I would recommend adding unit tests to LayoutTests/svg/ on a feature  
by feature basis, starting with the features that you see as most  
important. As you probably know, it's important for tests to cover  
default behavior as well as edge cases. Edge cases for attributes  
includes no value, an empty string, 1 above and 1 below a numeric  
limit, very huge positive and negative numbers, very long strings,  
etc. Edge cases for elements includes use in incorrect context, CSS  
cascading, overflow, scrolling, and dynamic movement through  
JavaScript. Edge cases for both includes dynamic insertion and  
removal through JavaScript. I'm sure you can think of more.

We also want to test SVG in different contexts: <object>, <embed>,  

As far as timeframe is concerned, we can't comment specifically on  
the next Apple release of WebKit, but we are hard at work on  
stabilizing WebKit in order to make it suitable for release.


> I volunteer to do testing regarding the <use/> element. Webkit  
> would be the only major browser/UA that doesn't support <use/>,  
> which would be limiting content wise. This doesn't mean that <use/>  
> is correctly implemented everywhere.
> Regarding 2) I also volunteer to do more testing. What is the  
> timeframe for releasing webkit? When do you need the testing? I  
> guess ASAP? There will also be more test cases in the upcoming SVG  
> testsuite regarding the <use/> element.

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