[webkit-dev] SVG Stabilization

Antoine Quint ml at graougraou.com
Wed Feb 21 01:13:06 PST 2007

Hi everyone, Maciej,

On 20 févr. 2007, at 10:12, Andreas Neumann wrote:

> From your list in 1) I agree that SVGImage, Animation, Filters and  
> ForeignObject probably need more effort and testing and they are  
> candidates to be disabled. This also matches what Firefox can do  
> today. However, the support of the <use/> element is very  
> important. <use/> is widely used in SVG content out there and I  
> would welcome it if it could make it into the next main Webkit  
> version, even if this means additional efforts from your side. I  
> volunteer to do testing regarding the <use/> element. Webkit would  
> be the only major browser/UA that doesn't support <use/>, which  
> would be limiting content wise. This doesn't mean that <use/> is  
> correctly implemented everywhere.

I agree with Andreas. Although it is a bit of a shame that advanced  
features such as SVGImage, animation, filters and foreignObject won't  
be supported in the stable WebKit, it is a fact of life that I assume  
we have to live with for the time being.

However, <use> is a feature you'll often encounter in SVG content  
given that both Opera and Firefox have supported this feature from  
their first release supporting SVG onwards. If any kind of push is  
required on a single feature at risk for stable, it should definitely  
be this one.

Sorry to say that I can't commit resources in terms of making it  
happen, but I thought I'd voice my support for Andreas's opinion.

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