[webkit-dev] Need Help for GTK Port

Krzysztof Kowalczyk kkowalczyk at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 10:46:54 PST 2007

On 2/13/07, atul <atul.mehrotra at celunite.com> wrote:
>         We (me & shri) both have a worked on GTK+Webcore
> (http://gtk-webcore.sourceforge.net/ ) for sometime & as we are new to
> the current WEBKIT ToT we need someone to guide/help us for understand &
> contribute to the latest Webkit For GDK port. This mail is an effort to
> start a dialog with  those others who are interested to work in the same
> direction so that we can all coordinate our resources rather than
> working at crosspurposes.

I'm currently working on gdk port with the ultimate goal of making it
a usable browser on gtk and an easily embeddable browser gadget (i.e.
gtkhtml replacement).

My strategy is simple: fix all the issues that annoy me while using it
as a browser and there's still plenty of those issues to go around. If
you run gdklauncher for a while you'll see that:
* there are drawing issues due to GraphicsContextCairo.cpp not being finished
* mouse text selection doesn't work (either a drawing issue or mouse
events not being hooked up properly)
* scrollbars are not there
* pop-up menus are not there
* some widgets are not being drawn too well
* it does crash often
* networking is very basic and doesn't run in a separate thread like it should
* plenty of "FIXME: UNIMPLEMENTED" calls
* many javascript tests fail
* layout tests cannot be run at all because there is no dumprendertree for gdk
* gdk version is not hooked up to build/test infrastructure the way
mac/qt is (i.e. build-webkit, run-javascriptcore-tests etc. scripts in
WebKitTools\Scripts don't understand gdk build)
* gdklauncher could be vastly improved

If you want to contribute, submit a patch for any of those issues or
find an issue that bothers you the most and fix that.

-- kjk

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