[webkit-dev] WebView editing in Mail

piet piet.webkit at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 2 13:06:52 PST 2007

When composing a reply in Apple Mail, if the user types Return inside the
quoted message, the quoted content is broken in two parts, the cursor is
inserted in-between and any character typed by the user is no longer part of
the quoted content.

I would like to implement this behavior in an editor.

So far, I found that:
- The quoted content must be a BLOCKQUOTE with TYPE="cite".
- WebView implements a category called WebViewEditingInMail that defines 4
methods, one of which is _insertNewlineInQuotedContent which calls

What is the proper way to implement this: should I implement
shouldInsertText and call _insertNewlineInQuotedContent when the text is
"\n", or does Apple Mail has some other way to let the WebKit know when to
insert a paragraph separator?

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