[webkit-dev] Compiling webkit on windows -- try an earlier revision

Noh Taegil tailblues at mobilus.co.kr
Fri Feb 2 05:10:53 PST 2007

If what you need is just a "running" version of WebKit, instead of  
actually know what compiles what and how, try an earlier version. Try  
to search the Bugzilla bug record to find proper one.

My one quick search revealed this revision, rev 17592 :

The link below shows bug 11433, and it seems that at that time,  
someone fixed the windows compilation, and it was actually reviewed  
and commited into rev.17592.


I didn't compiled that revision, but it seems that the bug is closed  
with that revision, so I think that revision will be compiled.

I could build recent version of svn source, But I had to make some  
quick dirty patches to do that, So I can't really recommend/send my  
codes tho.

TG Noh
Mobilus Inc
tailblues at mobilus.co.kr

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