[webkit-dev] Large Page/Deck sizes

Nilesh Patil nilesh.patil at celunite.com
Mon Dec 24 03:12:18 PST 2007

Hi all 

I am currently using Webkit for my browser. i wish to
check/confirm/achieve following:

Large Page/Deck sizes           The browser must support markup
pages of at least 100KB with no limit to the structure of the markup other than
restrictions from the relevant standards (e.g. no artificial limit to the
amount of tags being used in the markup). It shall be possible to render markup
containing any number of tags up to and including 1024 tags.  Note: The max
size of the whole received contents (including inline content) is at least
300KByte. In spite of oversize error, the entity body shall be displayed to the
utmost extent.

Please help

Thanks & regards

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