[webkit-dev] Apollo Xcode projects in WebKit SVN

Mark Rowe mrowe at apple.com
Mon Dec 17 21:40:32 PST 2007


Back in May initial versions of Xcode projects to allow building the  
Apollo port of JavaScriptCore and WebCore were landed in Subversion.   
Over the six months since these changes were landed, no effort has  
been made to keep them up to date and no further effort has been made  
to bring changes from the Apollo fork of WebKit back into Subversion.   
As such, it is not possible to build working copies of JavaScriptCore  
or WebCore using these projects.  Additionally, newcomers to the  
project have been confused by the presence of extra project files as  
it is not obvious that they are unused.  I would like to propose that  
they are either updated to a useable form, which I imagine would also  
involve further work to bring the Apollo fork back into the mainline  
repository, or they be removed.

I'm open to input as to which would be the preferred approach.

Kind regards,

Mark Rowe

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