[webkit-dev] Changes to keyboard event handling

Alexey Proskuryakov ap-carbon at rambler.ru
Sun Dec 16 00:43:39 PST 2007

on 16.12.2007 04:34, Evan Gross at evan at rainmakerinc.com wrote:

> Do these changes - at least the ones not directly related to text input -
> apply only to read-only areas?

  They do apply to editable areas and form controls, as well. However, I am
not aware of any changes since Safari 3 that should affect input methods.

> At first glance (talking Mac here), it still appears that a TSMDocumentID is
> created for read-only areas. Should I be expecting changes to the way text
> input (from an input method, at least) is handled as well?

  Talking specifically about this issue, I'm not sure if it's a bug. Any
part of an HTML document can become editable at any point, it doesn't split
the document into multiple TSMDocuments. Consider an edge case with several
nested contenteditable DIVs - it'd be hard to maintain a TSMDocument for

  It looks like a reasonable compromise to have a single document, and
return an error when an IM tries to change non-editable content.

> A brief test with my input method crashed in
> -[WebHTMLView(WebNSTextInputSupport) attributedSubstringFromRange:] when
> sending an OffsetToPos. Anyway, looks like I've got a bunch of testing to
> do...

  Please do file bugs!

- WBR, Alexey Proskuryakov.

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