[webkit-dev] Origin of S60WebKit?

Kenneth Jung jungkenn at gmail.com
Fri Sep 8 22:34:27 PDT 2006


I am trying to port S60WebKit to resource constraint embedded Linux system
based on S3C2410.
At very early stage, I have following two radical questions. Can anyone give
me hints?

1. There seems to be a big difference between the latest source code of
WebKit and S60WebKit. What version (or point of time) did S60WebKit based
on? I want to get the original source code of WebKit which S60 project had
been based on.

2. From the source code, I discovered that NOKIA team disabled pthread
support in KJS. Though I know nothing about Symbian, I am sure that they
could port to Symbian's threading model if they want. Does anyone know the
reason? If I re-enable pthread code, may I expect threading support without
any problem?

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