[webkit-dev] Problems porting layout tests to linux

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Tue Sep 5 11:33:27 PDT 2006

On Sep 2, 2006, at 12:52 AM, Jean-Charles VERDIE wrote:

> We'll schedule a task for identifying in CSS 1/2.1 folders which  
> tests should be replaced by picture-based ones, and which could  
> not. For the latter, we'll try to think about workarounds to propose.

Sounds good.

I think an earlier first step should be to reorganize layout tests so  
that the platform-independent ones are in a different directory than  
the dependent ones.

> Have you an accurate placeholder to suggest for these thoughts? I  
> was not sure whether bugzilla or wiki would be better....

Either or both seems fine -- I don't feel strongly about this.

> For others tests folders, I think that if the proposed plan fits  
> WebKit community's interest, we should file bugs about replacing  
> Tables, Fast and Traversal by image-based tests, and also bugs  
> about exploring the parts we haven't done yet (plugin, svg, http,  
> editing)...

Bugs are a great way to track specific tasks to be done. But I think  
it's even better if there's a way that the layout tests source tree  
self-documents which tests are expected to have different results per  
platform and which are not.

     -- Darin

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