[webkit-dev] a question on printing: whither WSIWYG?

Mike Emmel mike.emmel at gmail.com
Sat Oct 7 18:01:20 PDT 2006

On 10/7/06, Rob Burns <robburns1 at mac.com> wrote:
> > I disagree this has nothing to do with webkit:  Is the webkit team
> > aware that when printing half of all the web pages out there the
> > output looks like doodoo?
> >
> > Whatever the CSS, having the pages print out in a totally ugly way
> > is just plain silly.    Surely using the "screen" stylesheet for
> > printing is better than no stylesheet at all?
> >
> > I propose  that WebKit use the "screen" stylesheet for printing if
> > there is no "print" stylesheet present in the source document.
> I think half of all web pages out there is probably an exaggeration.
> I think most authors use "all" for the media type unless they are
> specifically targeting the screen. The Surfin' Safari blog had
> discussed a common mistake of using device dependent units when using
> the "all" media type, but I guess WebKit already adjusts for that. I
> could imagine a site targeting the screen with a design really only
> meant for the screen. Printing using that CSS would be worst than
> falling back on the default stylesheet.
> take care,
> Rob

Since the case of a screen only css style sheet can be detected does
it not make sense to make using it an option of the print dialogue. In
fact a more general ability to pick a alternative style sheet when
printing might have other uses.
Or this could be a user option in the browser turned on by default.
Or it could cause a  warning or alert and let the use choose.

The chance of no style sheet vs screen only being correct  in the real
world is probably close to zero.

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