[webkit-dev] SVG display in embed elements chooses ASV instead ofWebkit

Andreas Neumann neumann at karto.baug.ethz.ch
Mon Nov 20 13:42:23 PST 2006


>> I personally would prefer that the upcoming webkit would use its  own 
>> SVG engine instead the Adobe viewer. ASV, wasn't updated for  ages 
>> (since 2001).
> If a user has explicitly installed a plugin we should probably assume  
> they want it specifically to do something that we don't support and  
> specail casing certain mimetypes to not trigger a plugin would seem  
> ugly....

ok - I think you convinced me. ASV will soon be history, anyway. I just 
de-installed it now, to better test Webkits SVG support.

> Okay, list time.  These are things we need to get going to be  
> comparable to ASV (at least to a reasonable degree)
>  * Text support -- this still isn't complete, we still lack a number  
> of styling attributes, and don't support vertical text
>  * Text path -- we don't support it at all
>  * Alternate glyphs in text -- eg. SVG characters, etc
>  * Animation -- we have most of the support in place now, but it  
> still needs to be completed
>  * Filters -- currently unstable, also the qquality of the output is  
> not all that great, and they can be tremendously inefficient

In my personal opinion, supporting all the DOM methods is more important 
than say filter and animation support. But I would certainly welcome if 
the full SVG 1.1 specification would be supported ;-) Sometimes one can 
do workarounds by script for some missing features. As an example one 
can do animation by script using the DOM, if certain SMIL animation 
features aren't available. Not as elegant, but certainly doable.

SVG text and SVG font support is also high on my priority list, 
otherwise one can't get reliable results in layouts.

> Those are the big ones from the top of my head, but in addition there  
> are numerous redraw issues (typically foreignObject), instabilities,  
> and places where excessive memory is used.

yes, I noticed a few redraw issues, as well, esp. in conjunction with 
changing text elements by script.

I can write bug reports later, if they hadn't been reported already.

> Also we should ideally support SVG as an image format :D

yes, that would be welcome

Thank you for your support - if you want me to test certain new SVG 
features, I'd be happy to do so. Just let me know on this list.

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