[webkit-dev] "Show EXIF info" in context menu

Timothy Hatcher timothy at hatcher.name
Sat May 20 18:28:43 PDT 2006

This was never a feature of WebKit. It sounds like you have  
SafariStand installed, a unsupported third-party extension that adds  
this feature to Safari. The reason it stopped working is that we  
recently changed how WebKit loads standalone images and text. So  
extensions like this will break if they depend on internal  
implementation details.


— Timothy Hatcher

On May 20, 2006, at 6:15 PM, Kevin Broderick wrote:

> Earlier versions of WebKit offered the ability to view EXIF info  
> for embedded images if one opened the image in its own window or  
> tab and then opened a context menu (i.e. right-clicked it).   
> Current ToT does not, and this functionality appears to have  
> disappeared somewhere between r14382 (which has 'Show EXIF data' as  
> a context menu option) and r14434 (which does not).  I know that  
> there has been some changing of how images are handled when they  
> are viewed alone in a window or tab, and I'm guessing this is  
> related.  For what it's worth, as a photo nerd, I rather liked the  
> ability to do this without having to drag the image to Photoshop.
> So:
> a) any chance this functionality is coming back?
> b) could it, perchance, work on *any* image, not just one opened in  
> its own window or tab?  (this would be nice)
> c) should I file an entry in Bugzilla, and does this count as a  
> regression?  (it appears to be a feature removal, and I don't know  
> if it was an unsupported feature and thus doesn't count, or if it  
> might be intentional)
> Thanks,
> Kevin Broderick
> webkit at kevinbroderick.com
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