[webkit-dev] "Show EXIF info" in context menu

Kevin Broderick webkit at kevinbroderick.com
Sat May 20 18:15:15 PDT 2006

Earlier versions of WebKit offered the ability to view EXIF info for  
embedded images if one opened the image in its own window or tab and  
then opened a context menu (i.e. right-clicked it).  Current ToT does  
not, and this functionality appears to have disappeared somewhere  
between r14382 (which has 'Show EXIF data' as a context menu option)  
and r14434 (which does not).  I know that there has been some  
changing of how images are handled when they are viewed alone in a  
window or tab, and I'm guessing this is related.  For what it's  
worth, as a photo nerd, I rather liked the ability to do this without  
having to drag the image to Photoshop.

a) any chance this functionality is coming back?
b) could it, perchance, work on *any* image, not just one opened in  
its own window or tab?  (this would be nice)
c) should I file an entry in Bugzilla, and does this count as a  
regression?  (it appears to be a feature removal, and I don't know if  
it was an unsupported feature and thus doesn't count, or if it might  
be intentional)

Kevin Broderick
webkit at kevinbroderick.com

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