[webkit-dev] Safari 2.0.x not loading pages on corporate network

André-John Mas ajmas at sympatico.ca
Thu May 11 19:11:09 PDT 2006

A few questions:
   - is there anything particular about your company network, that  
you can think of?
   - are you using a proxy at work?
   - do the latest nightlies exhbit the same issue?
   - have you tried comparing the HTTP request and response headers  
sent by Firefox and Safari?
     If not you can use an 'HTTP Sniffer', such as 'HTTP  
Scoop' (shareware) :


     or TcpMon (part of Axis):



On 11-May-06, at 15:00 , Zubak Design wrote:

> HELP! This is my last resort to figure out this problem. In my  
> graphics department we are running 16 macs on a large corporate  
> network. I have one lone machine (Dual 2.5 G5, 2.5 gig ram) running  
> 10.4.6 for testing (the other 15 machines are on 10.3). On the  
> Tiger machine, Safari 2.0.3 (417.9.2), certain web pages aren't  
> loading. For instance, I can go to the Apple forums and click on a  
> sub forum, and nothing loads (white page), or only a partially  
> loaded page (text only). Sometimes reloading it works. Searching  
> the Apple forums usually gives me blank pages also.
> Another site with these issues is Versiontracker.com. This one  
> always causes problems in Safari 2.0.x. These problems have been  
> happening since 10.4.0. Firefox and IE don't give me any problems,  
> only ones based off of Webkit (Safari, Shiiva). I've also tried the  
> nightlys-same problem.
> I've tried setting up a new accounts, doing a clean install,  
> resetting Safari-no dice. I even brought my new MacBook Pro to work  
> and its doing the same thing only on our company network, so it  
> seems to be a Webkit/Safari 2.0 issue. I also tried running Safari  
> 1.3.2 (312.5) in Tiger, and its also stalling (does it use the  
> current Webkit also?).
> What could be causing me these problems? I don't even bother with  
> our IT department, as our Macs are unsupported. This reminds me of  
> the GoDaddy page forwarding problems from months back.
> Any ideas???
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