[webkit-dev] NetscapeMoviePlugin Sample Broken?

Peter J. Blowers pblowers at safarivideonetworks.com
Wed Jun 28 09:30:36 PDT 2006

Any notice on when we might see a new NetscapeMoviePlugin Sample fixed to
work in Firefox?  If not, any clues on what the problem was/is?


> Hi Wayne,
> We did recently fix an issue with the NetscapeMoviePlugin sample
> crashing in Firefox, but unfortunately the updated sample code has
> not yet been released.
> The example plugin should load in Safari, though.  Can you verify
> that it has been built and installed correctly?  You can look at the
> list of installed plugins by choosing "Installed Plug-Ins" from
> Safari's "Help" menu.
> You might also want to temporarily move aside your other installed
> plugins, in case one of them (QuickTime?) is registered for the same
> content type as NetscapeMoviePlugin.
> Is anything logged to the console (/Applications/Utilities/
> Console.app) when the test page is loaded?
> If you're stuck after checking these things you can and should file a
> bug at: http://bugzilla.opendarwin.org/
> Thanks,
> -t
> On Jun 1, 2006, at 6:00 PM, Wayne Packard wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Has anyone tried the NetscapeMoviePlugin sample (from /Developer/
>> Examples/WebKit) lately?
>> It builds for me with a few warnings, but when it's installed both
>> Camino and Firefox crash upon loading the test page.  Safari
>> doesn't crash, but the plugin doesn't seem to work (the page looks
>> and functions exactly as it does when the plugin is not installed).
>> I tried it on my my MBP and my G5 with the same results.
>> I'm curious as to whether it's broken for everyone or just me.
>> Both of the boxes I tried it on are running 10.4.6 and Xcode 2.3.
>> Thanks.
>> wp
>> BTW, Anyone know of another Netscape-compatible webkit plugin sample?
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