[webkit-dev] NetscapeMoviePlugin Sample Broken?

Wayne Packard wpackard at mac.com
Thu Jun 1 18:00:00 PDT 2006


Has anyone tried the NetscapeMoviePlugin sample (from /Developer/ 
Examples/WebKit) lately?

It builds for me with a few warnings, but when it's installed both  
Camino and Firefox crash upon loading the test page.  Safari doesn't  
crash, but the plugin doesn't seem to work (the page looks and  
functions exactly as it does when the plugin is not installed).

I tried it on my my MBP and my G5 with the same results.

I'm curious as to whether it's broken for everyone or just me.

Both of the boxes I tried it on are running 10.4.6 and Xcode 2.3.



BTW, Anyone know of another Netscape-compatible webkit plugin sample?

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