[webkit-dev] What does Safari do when it gets an RSS feed?

David D. Kilzer ddkilzer at kilzer.net
Wed Jul 12 20:27:38 PDT 2006

On Jul 12, 2006, at 2:39 PM, Rick Mann wrote:
> On Jul 11, 2006, at 19:15 , David D. Kilzer wrote:
>>   What did the original request headers from Safari look like?
>> Have you used a packet sniffer like Ethereal or tcpdump to find  
>> out what the traffic looks like between your development server  
>> and Safari?  Have you compared them to traffic to your production  
>> server?
> I tried to use tcpdump to see this, but got useless results.  
> Clearly I don't know how to call it.
> sudo tcpdump -i lo0  -qA
> didn't really work for me. I got mostly periods, and what little  
> recognizable text did appear didn't seem to be complete (in this  
> case I'm running the server and Safari on the same machine).

Ethereal decodes the packets for you fully, but you'll either have to  
install Fink or Darwin Ports plus the X11 environment to use it.  I  
know, it's a lot of work just to get a packet sniffer running.  You  
could tell tcpdump to output to a file, then open the file on a Linux  
or Windows system with Ethereal, too.  (Ethereal could use a nice  
Cocoa interface port!)

Does production Safari behave the same way as a WebKit nightly  


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