[webkit-dev] 10.4.7 WebKit seems more 'flickery'

Matt Gough devlists at softchaos.com
Wed Jul 12 01:20:53 PDT 2006

On 5 Jul 2006, at 23:54, David Hyatt wrote:

> We're looking into this... it's the QuickTime plug-in that is  
> flickering when scrolling.  I looked at it on 10.4.6 on a PPC  
> machine and 10.4.7 on an Intel machine and only saw the flickering  
> on 10.4.7.  Thanks for bringing it to our attention.   (Note that  
> Flash already has flickering problems when scrolling with Flash 8  
> because of a rendering mode they use only with Safari.  I believe  
> someone said Flash 9 might fix that issue.)

Actually, although that page was an easy one to reproduce a flicker,  
I have seen a more widespread flicker on a few pages that don't seem  
to have any plug-in based content. Since It happens so rarely, I  
didn't provide an example before. However since one such page did it  
for me again today I'll elaborate:

I have a tabbed folder on my Safari bookmarks bar that contains the  
following URLs in this order:


When I click on that folder, all the pages start to open with  
MacinTouch being in the front tab.

Once in a while (maybe the first time every day?) Macintouch will  
draw and totally white-out several times in quick succession until it  
finally ends up with the finished content.

I imagine that this is partly due to images/css or other media coming  
in at different times that forces a redraw, but  I don't remember it  
ever whiting out between redraws before 10.4.7.

(This tabbed folder has usually been the first thing I click on when  
launching Safari, so I am sure I would have noticed it in an earlier OS)

Doing it again just now, I see that although Macintouch redraws a  
couple of times while loading, there is no white-out between them.  
Emptying the cache didn't help in reproducing it either.

Matt Gough

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