[webkit-dev] Crash reports which show extensions enabled: what to do?

Joost 'AlthA' de Valk webkit-dev at joostdevalk.nl
Fri Jul 7 05:51:26 PDT 2006

Hi all,

there seems to be some discussion going on what to do with bugs when  
they have crash reports with them, which show enabled extensions. My  
view on this is VERY simple: I close each and every such bug as  
INVALID. We have neither the time or the resources to do anything  
else, and i'd like to keep confirming bugs as easy as possible. Now I  
know I have no "official" right to decide on this, but I hope you  
will all agree with me and do the same.

There's been some hard work the last few days to get the UNCONFIRMED  
list under 100 again, we have succeeded in that, and have 67  
unconfirmed bugs at this moment. I want to thank everybody who's been  
doing that work, it's the first step in getting our bug reporters to  
feel that their bugs are being looked at and taken care of, which is  
very important IMHO.


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