[webkit-dev] KWQ on Windows

Maciej Stachowiak mjs at apple.com
Tue Jan 31 00:27:53 PST 2006

On Jan 19, 2006, at 5:16 PM, Patrick Forget wrote:

> Hello,
> I have mentioned before that I have also started a port of kwq to  
> the Windows platform.  Somehow, I thought I could continue working  
> on it but didn't find the time.  I have been contacted twice by  
> people wanting to finish the port to Windows.
> What is really missing is a public cvs/svn to help working on a  
> common code.  As far as I understand, there is several version (and  
> several level of porting) of the code lying around in private.  I  
> didn't want to continue until I am sure no one else try to do same  
> thing.  A public cvs would really help to focus and share the  
> work.  I would have no trouble working on the part that I do find  
> fun (QPainter being one of it).
> Can it be possible from Apple to set a win32 branch in there SVN?   
> Or maybe we can continue on the current sourceforge project (by  
> contacting the previous maintainer)?  I am ready to put my file  
> public and take time to document my changes (and maybe rediscover  
> what I have done).  Other developers might be more advanced in  
> there work, it may be a good opportunity to show up.

Win32 porting work should go on HEAD, not on a branch. Contributions  
to it would be welcome, but you should probably chat with some of the  
Apple folks working on portability. You can find myself, Dave Hyatt  
and Darin on IRC (#webkit) pretty often.

> I will also note that Qt 4.0 (now 4.1) is now available on Windows  
> with a GPL license.  If the KWQ api behave exactly the same as Qt,  
> this can be a easy way to port WebCore (it become GPL in this  
> case).  The main avantage can be to check if the higher level of  
> WebCore work on Windows (and it may help the KDE Project to get  
> back the changes done by Apple).

KWQ no longer has the same API as Qt, and we are working towards  
making the porting layer more platform-agnostic instead of being a  
hacked up clone of Qt. I think this will actually make it easier to  
make the webcore engine run on the real Qt, should anyone be  
motivated to try that.


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