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Patrick Forget patrick.forget2 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 17:16:13 PST 2006


I have mentioned before that I have also started a port of kwq to the
Windows platform.  Somehow, I thought I could continue working on it but
didn't find the time.  I have been contacted twice by people wanting to
finish the port to Windows.

What is really missing is a public cvs/svn to help working on a common
code.  As far as I understand, there is several version (and several level
of porting) of the code lying around in private.  I didn't want to continue
until I am sure no one else try to do same thing.  A public cvs would really
help to focus and share the work.  I would have no trouble working on the
part that I do find fun (QPainter being one of it).

Can it be possible from Apple to set a win32 branch in there SVN?  Or maybe
we can continue on the current sourceforge project (by contacting the
previous maintainer)?  I am ready to put my file public and take time to
document my changes (and maybe rediscover what I have done).  Other
developers might be more advanced in there work, it may be a good
opportunity to show up.

I will also note that Qt 4.0 (now 4.1) is now available on Windows with a
GPL license.  If the KWQ api behave exactly the same as Qt, this can be a
easy way to port WebCore (it become GPL in this case).  The main avantage
can be to check if the higher level of WebCore work on Windows (and it may
help the KDE Project to get back the changes done by Apple).

*Darin Adler wrote:*
>There's more work to do at the WebCore level. We're doing a lot to
>make a better separation between the platform-independent vs.
>platform-specific bits. For example, we're replacing the old "KWQ"
>layer (which had API "kind of like" Qt, but was really trying to be a
>platform abstraction among other things) with a new structure where
>platform-independent code is more cleanly separated.'

Can we get a quick overview on the changes planned (in the folder /platform
I presume) ?  It would help to
see if porting the current work on kwq now is needed now or we should wait a

Patrick Forget
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