[webkit-dev] Google Mail Buttons not respecting native look

André-John Mas ajmas at sympatico.ca
Sun Jan 29 09:36:47 PST 2006

I was using the one in the debug menu, in the release edition. I will  
take a look at
the one you referenced.

The Firefox DOM Inspector doesn't stop at the current document. It  
allows you to descend
into iFrames, which the one in the Debug menu doesn't do. It also  
allows you to see the
CSS attributes and the Javascript model of the document.

I'll take a look at the nightly.


On 29-Jan-06, at 03:35 , Timothy Hatcher wrote:

> Out of curiosity, what features do you find missing from the WebKit  
> DOM inspector (in the nightly)?
> This is different from the Safari DOM inspector in the debug menu.
> http://webkit.opendarwin.org/blog/?p=41
> — Timothy Hatcher
> On Jan 28, 2006, at 11:47 PM, André-John Mas wrote:
>> I tried using the DOM inspector in Firefox (it is a bit more  
>> advanced that Safari's)

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