[webkit-dev] Server side DOM manipulation with javascript

Benoit Marchant marchant at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 23:04:38 PST 2006


I'm exploring the possibility of using javascript server side as a  
templating language, in the context of AJAX applications. To that end  
both a javascript engine and a DOM document, ideally available as  
"document" from javascript, are needed. The idea is to be able to  
reuse the same code server and client side. The DOM document class  
could be a native one eventually, like the XMLDocument class in Windows.

In that context, I don't need rendering, which means that WebCore is  
most likely more than I would need in that regard. To be more  
specific, I'm targeting xhtml, and the server would most likely be  
running Windows. Apparently JavascriptCore now compile and run on  
windows. Any feedback on real usage there ?

Has someone tried that before ? What would be involved in  
implementing such a solution ?

Thanks in advance for any feedback or suggestion.


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