[webkit-dev] many SVG layout tests have $Revision$ tags in them

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Wed Jan 11 12:06:59 PST 2006

I noticed that the W3C SVG tests have $Revision$ tags in them.

That makes it hard to check in expected results since the revision of  
the initial file gets rendered and can affect both geometry and the  
actual pixels drawn.

However, last night I removed the svn:keyword property from all our  
files, so Subversion will now ignore the $Revision$ tags and just  
treat them as text. What's strange is that various tests are now  
checked in with various revision strings that reflect the CVS  
versions of the file at the time we did the Subversion conversion.

I suspect that at least some SVG layout tests will fail now; someone  
with some SVG savvy should fix them. Ideally we could make the tests  
independent of $Revision$ or check in versions of the W3C suite that  
handle this issue in some consistent way.

     -- Darin

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