[webkit-dev] Porting WebKit to PalmOS

Krzysztof Kowalczyk kkowalczyk at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 21:04:01 PST 2006

On 2/13/06, Donald C. Kirker <dkirker at wapuniverse.com> wrote:
> Anyway. Once I get the file to actually compile
> (that will take me the longest), what functions should I be interested in
> for actually executing a script? Are there any sites that I should go to so
> that I can understand how the JSCore works (like, how would WAPUniverse
> handle a request for something like history.back();)?

You have to be aware that JavaScriptCore is only a small part of
WebKit - it's only a javascript interpreter i.e. it can execute
JavaScript scripts in source format. If you want to build a browser
you have lots more to do, including building the html parsing and
rendering engine and this stuff so far only works on MacOS (and
Symbian, I guess, thanks to Nokia's work).

For learning about JavaScript itself, either google around or read
O'Reilly's "JavaScript - The Definitive Guide".

For how to execute scripts - look at kjs\testkjs.cpp (which, on
windows, builds as testkjs.exe) and is a simple example of how to load
a javascript script from a file and execute it.

You would have to build something similar on Palm except:
* Palm OS doesn't have stdout so you would have to substitute it with
something else (e.g. writing to a database or a file on SD card or
just scrolling to the screen)
* Palm OS doesn't have command line so you would have to build some
simple app that allows picking javascript file to execute from
database or a file on SD card and then execute it

The approach I would suggest: get the WebKit sources which Nokia used
as a base of their version (I assume they just branched at some point
and did all their modifications from one, stable point) and do a diff
against Nokia sources. That will give you the best idea on how much
and what kind of work is required to port the whole thing to another

history.back() is a method call on history object which is registered
with JavaScript interpreter by WebCore (see
WebCore\khtml\ecma\kjs_window.cpp for how it's implemented in latest

-- kjk

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