[webkit-dev] autocomplete/autologin functionality question

Alexander Huber audio-huber at gmx.de
Sun Dec 10 05:07:47 PST 2006

Hello all!

first I would like to say hello - I'm a fairly 'fresh' cocoa  
developer exploring the webkit and new to this list.

I have a very specific question concerning autocomplete/autologin  

I want to write an application (cocoa) that operates like a webspider  
(take a given url, explore content and traverse links up to a  
specified recursion depth) - showing up differences in the content  
compared to my LAST exploration run.

Now I want to login to specific sites that require authorization, and  
I don't know how to achieve this using webkit/webview... I think I  
somehow have to auto-fill the forms on the pages, but I haven't found  
a solution yet.

How do I simulate a 'button press' on a site? A search button, for  
example, that I want to trigger after having filled a search field...  
I know that most 'search' buttons react on pressing 'enter' while the  
corresponding form field has the focus, but I would like to be 100%  
sure to press a specific button on a page.

If someone would be so kind to show me some documentation, starting  
points, code hints or even apis I would appreciate it very much!

Thank you all,

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