[webkit-dev] Thoughts on building gdk version with internal cairo sources?

Krzysztof Kowalczyk kkowalczyk at gmail.com
Thu Aug 17 01:14:23 PDT 2006

Currently gdk project builds against cairo installed on the system.

What are people's thoughts on changing the default to build with cairo
sources included with webcore?

The disadvantage is that it generates a bigger binary than it would if
cairo shared library was used.

The advantage is that using exactly the same sources as other builds
would make chasing down bugs & incompatibilities easier (one source of
differences less).

But the main reason I would like to do that is that my cutting edge
Ubuntu 6.06 ships with cairo 1.0.4 that doesn't seem to have all
required functionality (e.g. cairo_scaled_font_text_extents) and I'm
rather scared upgrading a system-wide library (especially one on which
gnome/gtk depends on) to a newer, potentially incompatible version
(and I would rather not deal with having a second copy).

Any thoughts?

-- kjk

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