[webkit-dev] Optimizing DOMNode _nodeWith

Matt Gough devlists at softchaos.com
Mon Apr 24 08:19:11 PDT 2006

I have some Obj-c code which steps through all of the nodes in the  
DOM. For a medium sized DOM (e.g news.google.com - just over 4000  
nodes) this code takes over one tenth of a second on an 867MHz G4. A  
third of that time is down to the calls to hasLocalName inside of:

+(DOMNode *) _nodeWith:(Node* *)

                 HTMLElement* htmlElt = static_cast<HTMLElement*>(impl);
                 if (htmlElt->hasLocalName(htmlTag))
                     wrapperClass = [DOMHTMLHtmlElement class];
                 else if (htmlElt->hasLocalName(headTag))
			etc etc

Now there is already a comment there that says:

                 // FIXME: We could make the HTML classes hand back  
their class names and then use that to make
                 // the appropriate Obj-C class from the string.

I am guessing that this would go something like this, but before I go  
to the trouble of doing this for every class could someone  make sure  
I am pondering the right thing.

e.g For each element type:

String HTMLElement::objcClassName() const
     return String("DOMHTMLElement");

String HTMLDivElement::objcClassName() const
     return String("DOMHTMLDivElement");


and then replace the all those tests in _nodeWith with:

             if (impl->isHTMLElement()) {
                 // FIXME: Reflect marquee once the API has been  
                 HTMLElement* htmlElt = static_cast<HTMLElement*>(impl);
		String className(htmlElt->objcClassName());
		NSString* asNSString = ?? How do I convert a String to an NSString?

		wrapperClass = NSClassFromString(asNSString);

Does this all make sense?

Matt Gough

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