[webkit-dev] Clarification of WebKit version numbering?

Joost de Valk webkit-dev at joostdevalk.nl
Tue Apr 18 03:48:42 PDT 2006

Hi Matt,

in the source of http://webkit.opendarwin.org/quality/reporting.html you 
will find a script for finding webkit versions. The + is added 
specifically for the nightly version of WebKit. We cannot, however tell 
you when a specific fix will make it into mainstream WebKit, as this is 
an internal Apple decision the WebKit team has no vote in. The Apple 
people will not tell you either, because they aren't allowed to. So for 
now, i would go with just looking for 420+, and testing in the next 
release if it's fixed. Don't make the mistake of just looking for the +, 
as older nightlies (like 412+) might not have the right fix in it.

Kind regards, and good luck,

Joost de Valk

Matt Gough schreef:
> In my app, I am currently working around a problem in the released 
> WebKit (418) where [WebView setSelectedDOMRange: affinity:] ends up 
> selecting things outside of the range. This problem appears to be 
> fixed in TOT, which has a version of 420+.
> I would like to put a test in my code now so that I can bypass my 
> workaround when this newer WebKit becomes the release one, but am 
> unsure as to whether the '+' in 420+ implies that TOT is working 
> towards a 420 release or a 421 (or beyond) release.
> Or to put it another way, should my test be:
> if (version >= 420)
> or
> if (version >= 421)
> I realise that the bug fix could regress between now and a release 
> which includes it.
> Matt Gough
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