[webkit-dev] Build system for ports

Kevin Ollivier kevino at theolliviers.com
Sun Apr 16 16:25:27 PDT 2006

Hi Mike and Timothy,

On Apr 16, 2006, at 2:45 PM, Mike Emmel wrote:

> bakefile generates xcode projects as I understand.

It does spit out a project with all the files, etc., but there's a  
lot of features still missing from it, so it can't be used as-is. A  
fairly good Python hacker familiar with the XCode2 project format  
might be able to whip something up without too much time, though.

> Mike
> On 4/16/06, Timothy Hatcher <timothy at hatcher.name> wrote:
>> This might be a good approach for Linux, Win32  and other ports,  
>> but the Mac
>> side will likely need to stay all in Xcode projects. Xcode can  
>> call out to
>> external Makefile/Bakefile targets, but when building universal it  
>> gets very
>> complicated. We would need to lipo our binaries in another build  
>> phase
>> script at the end. That is just one of the major complexities that  
>> Xcode
>> handles for us that we know will always work with Apple's build  
>> system.

Yes, I know, I've written scripts to lipo wxWidgets together because  
the wxPython build system is autoconf-based. ;-) When the XCode2  
backend for Bakefile is finished, though, we may be able to use that  



>> — Timothy Hatcher
>> On Apr 16, 2006, at 11:09 AM, Kevin Ollivier wrote:
>> BTW, you might want to consider having a separate project file that
>> generates the cross-platform webcore sources as a static library  
>> (say, a
>> "WebCoreBase" project file), and then have the Win32, etc. projects
>> statically link in that library and only build the files specific  
>> to their
>> port/platform (and of course, depend on WebCoreBase). Actually,  
>> I've pretty
>> much already set up the Bakefile projects this way, so that you  
>> can see what
>> I mean when I submit the patch. :-) This way there wouldn't be any
>> redundancy among projects in terms of maintaining the cross-platform
>> sources, and each port will only ever have to worry about
>> updating/maintaining its own specific files.
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