[webkit-dev] a few Bugzilla component changes

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Tue Apr 11 13:56:19 PDT 2006

I've made some changes to components in Bugzilla. The main motivation  
is to be clearer, but we also changed our internal Radar components  
to more closely match Bugzilla at the same time.

Here are some changes to existing components:

     HTML Forms renamed to "Forms"
     MathML removed for now (only one bug, moved into WebCore Misc.)
     Plug-ins and Java split into two components, "Plug-ins" and "Java"
     XSLT folded into new "XML" component
     JavaScript replaced by new components "JavaScriptCore Misc.",  
"JavaScriptGlue", "WebCore JavaScript"

And here are the new ones:

     JavaScriptCore Misc. - For bugs in JavaScriptCore, the JS engine  
used by WebKit, other than kxmlcore issues.
     kxmlcore - For issues with the kxmlcore implementation,  
including platform improvements not driven directly by site bugs.
     JavaScriptGlue - For bugs in the JavaScriptGlue framework.
     JavaScriptGlue - For bugs in the JavaScriptGlue framework.
     WebCore Misc. - For miscellaneous bugs in the WebCore framework  
(and not WebKit/JSCore).
     Images - For bugs in image handling.
     WebCore JavaScript - Bugs in the JavaScript support that WebCore  
layers on top of JavaScriptCore.
     Platform - Portability improvements and other general platform  
improvements not driven directly by site bugs.
     Text - For bugs in text layout and rendering, including  
international text support.
     XML - For bugs in XML support other than XML DOM, including  
XSLT, XMLHTTPRequest, XML Parsing, etc.
     History - For bugs involving global and per-WebView history,  
including back/forward list.
     Page Loading - For bugs in page loading, including handling of  
network callbacks.
     PDF - For bugs in WebKit's built-in PDF support.

If you have additional suggestions for changes in components, please  
talk about them here on the mailing list or in the IRC channel. This  
isn't the "last word" in bug components, just some refinement.

John Sullivan is going to spend a little time moving some bugs  
between components to take advantage of some of the new categories.

     -- Darin

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