[webkit-dev] Trouble with History

David D. Kilzer ddkilzer at kilzer.net
Tue Apr 11 10:15:28 PDT 2006

There is a bug related to keeping URL history for AJAX applications, but
the bugzilla website seems to be down at the moment.  It may be a good
idea to file a separate bug for Flash issues, but reference the original
bug.  I think this is the one:

Bug 6309: multiple problems prevent bookmarking/back button technique
for AJAX/DHTML applications from working


On Tue, Apr 11, 2006 at 12:32:20PM -0400, Kevin Newman wrote:

> Hello all,
> I have been working on a script that allows AJAX or Flash (or any plugin
> with scripting ability really) app developers to generate a history
> within their application. It has been difficult to get this to work on
> Safari, and just when I thought I got it, I found more bugs :-(
> I was thinking about this recently, and have come to the conclusion that
> this problem really deserves a platform level solution rather than a
> hacky script level after thought solution (which is basically what I've
> got, despite my best efforts) - especially with the increasing
> popularity of RIA AJAX and Flash applications. I'd even be willing to
> make my script look like whatever interface you (or whoever does the
> first implementation) come up for backwards compatability and easy
> migration. ;-)
> Anyway, that's just something to think about for you guys, but in the
> mean time I'd like to get my script working in your browser. If you take
> a look here
> (http://www.unfocus.com/projects/source/historykeeper.html#4) and click
> on "Test Bookmark" a few times then press the back button, you will see
> that the script does generate and keep an accessible history (until you
> go to an external link then go back at least).
> The problem I'm having is when I try to integrate Flash
> (http://www.unfocus.com/projects/source/#About). This has a bunch of odd
> behaviors in Safari 1.3. The first time you load it up it does not
> actually generate new history entries when you click on the buttons in
> the flash movie, though it does seem to update the hash portion of the
> url. If you press refresh you will get an odd bug where it does update
> the history, but also seems to reload the flash movie every time it does
> (or something).
> So I guess the question is first is this still a problem on Safari
> 2.0.x? And next, is why is it refreshing the flash in the browser, but
> does not seem to update the entire page (my inserted anchors remain)? I
> don't get any javascript errors (though Safari 1.3's javascirpt console
> is less than useful in most cases).
> Anyway, any help is appreciated, and if this is not the appropriate
> place to ask these questions, I'd appreciate any pointers to a more
> appropriate place.
> Thanks,
> Kevin N.
> PS I previously sent a copy of this from the wrong email account, please 
> disregard that..

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