[webkit-dev] __APPLE__ ifdefs

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Thu Apr 6 11:11:07 PDT 2006

On Apr 5, 2006, at 8:40 AM, Mike Emmel wrote:

> A lot of code is currently ifdef __APPLE__  some of it looks by  
> inspection fairly generic. I'm assuming that that several are  
> temporary and related to the on going Win32 port from reading the  
> comments.  I'd be intrested if someone could provide a little bit  
> of background on the current state of the __APPLE__ ifdefs in the  
> code and if I'm right in suspecting that a lot will go away as the  
> Win32 port matures. For Linux I'm intrested in getting some of the  
> code paths that are currently ifdefed out as apple specific  
> working.  So am I correct in my analysis ?

Since right now tip of tree WebCore only compiles for Windows and  
Macintosh, many ifdefs are sloppy.

We'd like to move to the Platform.h configuration system used in  
JavaScriptCore, so we wouldn't have any __APPLE__ ifdefs at all.  
Instead there would be ifs like PLATFORM(MAC), PLATFORM(WIN) and  
other ifs for things like processor and low level OS. We've deployed  
this in JavaScriptCore, but not yet in WebCore.

I'd love to see patches right now to straighten this out and make  
things better for platforms other than Windows and Macintosh.

I don't expect that this will all get fixed automatically as the  
Windows port matures. Sure, we'll need to turn on more code for  
Windows and so there will be fewer ifdefs, but we might still have  
__APPLE__ ifdefs that really mean "not Windows" and other mistakes  
like that. There's no time like the present for fixing as many of  
these as possible.

     -- Darin

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