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Dan Wood list3679321 at karelia.com
Wed Apr 5 16:29:19 PDT 2006

I like the idea.  I don't know how it could be done logistically with  
the repository, but I'm sure that is surmountable.  I am assuming  
that there is some process in place at Apple already that deals with  
stable builds; for instance, somehow the build that is labeled 418  
became part of 10.4.6, where as 417.9 (IIRC) was in 10.4.5.

So maybe part of that is in place already, just way far behind.

Perhaps some powers that be could make this process a little bit more  
public, and set aside some archive versions of stable versions,  
before they become integrated into the system.  This is especially  
important just before new big changes are introduced into TOT, such  
as the editable field changes of the last week or so.  (We've  
hesitated to get a new TOT for Sandvox because of this -- I'm happy  
with my end-of-February-plus-patch build that we're using, for now.)

Dan Wood

Dan Wood
dwood at karelia.com
Karelia Software — Sandvox for the Mac

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