[webkit-dev] New bug keywords

Maciej Stachowiak mjs at apple.com
Thu Sep 8 21:04:44 PDT 2005

Hi Everyone,

At Mark Rowe's suggestion, I've added two new bugzilla keywords:

1) HasReduction - this bug has a reduced test case already attached.  
If you're hunting for a bug to work on, the ones with reductions are  
likely to be low-hanging fruit.

2) NeedsReduction - this bug does not yet have a reduced test case,  
but could use one. Perhaps there's a reproducible bug on a live site,  
or with a full web page submitted as the test case. If you would like  
to help make test cases, then these are great bugs to target.

Anyone screening bugs can and should add theyse keywords as appropriate.

You can also see the descriptions of the keywords, and links to  
queries that filter by these keywords here:



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