[webkit-dev] Roll-over problem (Safari or WebKit?)

Timothy Hatcher timothy at hatcher.name
Sat Nov 12 11:04:28 PST 2005

The most useful thing to do with this data is to file it in a bug at  
<http://bugzilla.opendarwin.org/> or <http://bugreport.apple.com/>.  
The former is our opensource database, which you may prefer because  
it enables more programmers to work on the bug, and it enables you to  
follow the bug's progress and add comments.

When filing a bug please attach a reduced test case that shows the  
problem with as little code as possible. A guide can be found here:  

— Timothy Hatcher

On Nov 12, 2005, at 10:45 AM, Steven Fisher wrote:

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> Ran into an odd problem with Safari 2.0.2 on several websites where  
> the mouseover only works for part of some buttons. I've reported it  
> to Apple via the reporting command, but I thought I'd share here as  
> it may be a webkit problem. If there's any consensus on that I'd be  
> happy to fill out a bug...
> Take a look at this site:
> http://www.melonpool.com/
> The rollovers don't work very consistently on my PowerBook. When I  
> mentioned this on the forum, someone else posted a similar  
> experience, but only on some of their Macs. We've only got a couple  
> data points so far, but it looks like G5s behave and G4s don't.
> I've captured a small (284k) movie showing the problem here:
> http://objectsatrest.com/my-content/melonpoolmouseover.mov
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