[webkit-dev] Nightly Builds

Mark Rowe opendarwin.org at bdash.net.nz
Thu Jun 30 19:11:47 PDT 2005

On 1/07/2005, at 11:03 , Jamie Diamond wrote:

> Has anyone considered setting up a nightly build system? This could  
> easily be maintained by one of the main WebKit devs or anyone else  
> reliable for that matter. It would take the CVS code from that day,  
> build it, and put it up on the server so anyone in the dev  
> community could download and test. This would allow for a much  
> greater testing and QA community. You would no longer have to be a  
> building whiz to pitch in and help test and file. Also, for anyone  
> who uses Firefix or Caminknight, the maker of these two programs  
> has one ready for the day Safari does nightly builds. We just need  
> the URL. This program could, when installed, automatically fetch  
> the latest nightly build and install it on a tester's machine.  
> Anyone wiling to help implement and maintain nightly builds (not  
> me, I'm far from knowledgeful enough to). Thanks.

I've just thrown together a script to build + upload WebKit.  With  
the wonders of launchd, it should execute daily at 1600 NZST (0400  
UTC).  It uploads a disk image containing the built frameworks + a  
stub application to <http://bdash.net.nz/files/webkit/nightly/Latest- 
WebKit-CVS.dmg>.  Previous versions will be available in the <http:// 
bdash.net.nz/files/webkit/nightly/> directory.

Hope this helps,

Mark Rowe

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