[webkit-dev] Nightly Builds

Jamie Diamond mediaright at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 16:03:53 PDT 2005

Has anyone considered setting up a nightly build system? This could  
easily be maintained by one of the main WebKit devs or anyone else  
reliable for that matter. It would take the CVS code from that day,  
build it, and put it up on the server so anyone in the dev community  
could download and test. This would allow for a much greater testing  
and QA community. You would no longer have to be a building whiz to  
pitch in and help test and file. Also, for anyone who uses Firefix or  
Caminknight, the maker of these two programs has one ready for the  
day Safari does nightly builds. We just need the URL. This program  
could, when installed, automatically fetch the latest nightly build  
and install it on a tester's machine. Anyone wiling to help implement  
and maintain nightly builds (not me, I'm far from knowledgeful enough  
to). Thanks.

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