[webkit-dev] WebKitTools Script Proposal

Timothy Hatcher timothy at hatcher.name
Mon Jun 27 17:54:22 PDT 2005

I'm sure I am not the only one that reorganizes his Applications  
folder (e.g. by sub-folder categories like Network, Text, Office,  
etc). How about adding a environment variable that lets anyone  
override the $safariPath that is used in the various scripts. (Since  
right now most of us resort to modifying the scripts individually.)


I can put together a patch if this would be of general interest.

On similar lines, how about a general script "run-webkit-based-app"?  
The script can take an argument to an application bundle, or the  
executable in the bundle (I say test for both cases.) This would give  
easy access to users and developers that wish to run their favorite  
WebKit enabled application with the CVS builds. (I have been asked a  
few times in #colloquy how to get this going.) I personally have a  
modified run-safari script for Colloquy, but a general script would  
help more casual users.

I'm curious what you all think.

— Timothy Hatcher » colloquy.info

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