[webkit-dev] Greetings from the Series 60 mobile browser team at Nokia

Robin Berjon robin.berjon at expway.fr
Tue Jun 21 09:45:08 PDT 2005

guido.grassel at nokia.com wrote:
> SVG is of interest to mobile devices. SVG can be of help to improve
> the device independence of Web content and give a richer experience to
> users who are browsing these pages.

Indeed. We have developed some applications on top of an SVG Tiny viewer 
here and the results have been very positive. We would certainly be 
thrilled to be able to do the same on the WebKit platform.

> Nokia Research Center also participates in the SVG and the CDF
> working  groups of the W3C.

There seems to be a bunch of SVG and/or CDF WG members on this list.

> I have two questions about the SVG project: on webkit.opendarwin.org:
> - How do people see the level of SVG support in KSVG2 ? 
>      In the mobile context SVG-Tiny 1.1 is the relevant SVG profile.

I beg to differ, for development starting now the relevant profile is 
SVG Tiny 1.2. It is also probably the best profile to use when targeting 
a CDF-style integration with XHTML as it has better-defined 
cross-namespace interactions.

> - How feasible do people see switching the DOM inside WebCore? 

And has anyone written up ideas about how it ought to best be done? I 
know the KSVG people have been thinking about this for quite a while.

Robin Berjon
   Senior Research Scientist
   Expway, http://expway.com/

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