[webkit-dev] Magnifying glass on downloads window does not select file in Finder while downloading

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Fri Jun 10 13:17:55 PDT 2005

On Jun 10, 2005, at 1:10 PM, Paulo Jorge Rodrigues Góis wrote:

> 1. In the Download window of Safari the little magnifying glass  
> next to a listed downloading file, does not highlight the  
> corresponding file on Finder wille the download is still in progress.
> 2. Also some internet-enabled image files don't get unwrapped out  
> of the Safari .download package container after the download has  
> finished. This occours when the Post-processing option "Don't move  
> Internet-enabled images to Trash" (accessible through Disk Utility  
> preferences) is checked.

This mailing list is not for bug reports. Web Kit reports should go  
to bugzilla.opendarwin.org.

These are Safari bug reports. Safari itself is not part of the WebKit  
Open Source Project, and Safari bug reports should go to <http:// 
bugreport.apple.com>. The open source contributors reading this list  
can't fix these kinds of Safari bugs that are truly bugs in the  
application rather than in the Web Kit.

     -- Darin

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